Cindy Zhang

Interior Designer

I'm Cindy, interior designer and founder of Vibe Design. After I had my three beautiful little children, I decided to take the big leap and chase my dreams, diving into the world of interior design; a passion I has had since I was a little girl. I studied Interior Design and completed my bachelor of business at Griffith University in 2012. Currently, I'm also the professional members of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA), the Vibe Desgin will carry a professional guarantee of quality.

I love to generate ideas with my clients; brainstorming and dreaming until we create a unique vision which can belong only in their home. I work closely with my clients in a casual and relaxed manner to really draw out what their desires are for their space.

My personal mission is inspire others to chase their dreams, create homes that are unique to their lifestyle and personality. I'm always passionate about modern interior style and forever challenging myself to create the ultimate interior designed property.




Salisbury, Brisbane

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