Design Consultation

You have been thinking about meeting with an interior designer for a long time but have never taken the plunge. Maybe there is a little fear of the unknown - how much will it cost, what will the process be like, will it be a waste of money? These are some of the questions we know people have before calling a designer. The best place to start is to arrange a consultation which is a small investment but allows you to get to know a designer a little and work out if they are the kind of person you can enjoy working with and whom you feel understand what you are wanting. An initial consultation is a meeting where you and a designer are coming together to discuss your project in detail and work out whether you are a good fit to work on your project.


Consultations are completed within 90 minutes and can be performed on-site.

All consultations are done only as we can fit them into our schedule.  Please contact our studio prior to payment to see if we are able to accommodate your consultation.


How we work?

Sometimes just a little nudge in the right direction is all you need to transform your ideas into reality. The consultation is focused around you and your space and is designed to give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible while your designer gives you as many answers as possible-right then, right there! It includes:

  • review of existing floor plan

  • discussion of design goals

  • suggestions on color, texture and pattern that best fits the space

  • discussion of floor plan and furniture placement

  • discussion of furniture | accessory needs

Plus when you book your consultation, you will get these bonuses

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Bonus 1
DIY design board workshop
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Bonus 2
Supplier list

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